35 Conferette Shows


Currently I am playing about 7 shows in about 3 days. I will be playing a few as Summer of Glaciers, some as the bassist for The Angelus, and even more as a guitarist for More States.

Here's a rundown of where you could / should find me.

Thursday March 10th Gutterth Showcase and CD Release at the Hydrant
208 West Oak Street
(w/ New Science Projects, Nervous Curtains, The Angelus, Summer of Glaciers, The Heartstring Stanglers)
Summer of Glaciers - 10pm
The Angelus - 10:50pm

Friday March 11th at Paperstain Day Show #1
503 w Sycamore
House show with SO MUCH amazing music.
(w/ richard the lionhearted (Columbia, MO), tex winters (Portland, OR), old warhorse, burnt sienna, most efficient women, dear human, kampfgrounds, kaboom (last show ever)
4:45 - The Angelus
5:30 - More States (Austin, TX)

Saturday March 12th
at J & J's Pizza on the Square

12pm - The Angelus

at a house show (Details when known)
6pm - More States

at Andy's
122 North Locust Street Denton
(w/ More States, Sans Soleil, Shiny Around the Edges, Esben and the Witch)
10pm - More States

Violitionist Session
I am excited to be recording a Violitionist Session. I believe it will be video taped and the audio will be recorded for download. Emil from the Angelus will be joining me for 2 songs! Both songs will only exist as part of these sessions.

If you are keeping score at home... that is 8 SETS. This is seriously my Christmas.


35 Conferette & Music


I am really excited to be playing this year's 35 Conferette. I met some amazing people and had a great time last year. So let's hope for more of the same. If you are here from checking out the schedule on their site... Welcome!

I will be playing many shows over that festival. Most as parts of other bands, but Summer of Glaciers main show will be Thursday night, March 10th at the Hydrant. The Gutterth Showcase lineup is fantastic and it will be a release party for the Gutterth THREE Compilation! I will also be playing bass in the Angelus that night (who happen to be one of my favorite bands). There will be a ton of day shows I will be playing in either the Angelus or More States (P. D. Wilder from Hotel Hotel's new band) and maybe I will try to do some street performance thing if I can find boomboxes and time!

See you there.


Summer of Glaciers DEMOlition Program

While working on the new album, I am planning on creating many, many demos. I would love to create this space to share them with you. I expect that I will be releasing at least one demo a month. All I ask in return is for your email address. This will never be shared with anyone else. It is solely so that we can have a better stream of contact.

When I send out the demo's, I would love to get your feedback. The internet is a great place because we have so much access to such a wide audience, but I really want to make it more personal. I miss the days of sitting in someone's garage and listening to their band, hanging out and discussing ideas afterward. This is going to my virtual garage, and email will be our discussions over coffee.

Click here to go to the DEMOlition page and sign up!


Free EP

While working on an upcoming 3 song EP I found these 2 songs that I think are really great but don't fit the current direction I am headed. With that in mind I would like to give you them as a free EP titled Never Return Home. This is meant to be closing a chapter of the original sound I started working in at the begginging of Summer of Glaciers. I still love the way it feels, but want to keep crafting something bigger and better. ENJOY!


Nov 9th 2010

New Show. Come support my friends Salesman from Austin Texas!