So it is finally released. Go get a copy at Bandcamp or iTunes.
My preference would be Bandcamp, so that you can help support a really great system built for independent artists. Bandcamp is also selling physical copies with an instant download for all of us who are impatient. But I would be happy if you bought it from anywhere really.


Concentric Gets Released Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day. One year in the making and it is finally time to share. I have played this one pretty close to the vest and tried not to leak all the tracks. I usually am not good with that, but really wanted this album to be a surprise.

I think it is the next progression in the overall vision I have for the sound. It takes "These Last Days" and really expands the possibilities. This is the first album I had written to be a studio album first and live performance second.

I hope you find it as exciting as I do!

Check back tomorrow for the link of where to buy it.


Concentric Will Be Release on 2/22/10

The new full length debut titled concentric will be released on February 22. The album will be released initially through bandcamp, and then will be trickling down into the rest of the digital realm. I really want to push the bandcamp side because it is a great service for artists and I really think it is the way of the future for independent releases.

Digital downloads will be available as well as physical copies of the CD if you are old-timey.


Nominated for SF Deli's Band of the Month

The Deli SF has me nominated as one of their bands of the month. Please follow the link and vote for Summer of Glaciers. The added exposure will really help for the release of Concentric.



Updated Website!!

Seeing as the new album is about to come out. I decided that the website needs to look better and work a lot harder. I am going to try and consolidate all the various info from around the web (twitter, myspace, facebook, etc. etc) and bring it here. Not sure how long it will take to implement that, but I am trying.

Stay on the lookout for the release date of the new album Concentric. That should be coming out around the beginning of February. Until then, go to the music page to get your first listen to one of the tracks called "Three Deep Breaths."

See you soon.

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